Cat Claims Unlimited (CCU) deploys adjuster teams to handle catastrophe claims throughout the United States. Each team consists of prequalified adjusters, claims lead and administrative back-up. The Unlimited deployment model is easily scaled so catastrophe teams can manage everything from locally confined events to full scale disasters that impact broad areas of the country.

Every catastrophic event is different and both carrier and DOI requirements vary significantly. CCU will provide an extensive scope of services not limited to:

  • Field Adjusters that are multi-jurisdictional licensed and experienced
  • Flood Adjusters
  • File Reviewers
  • Desk Adjusters and Staff Augmentation
  • Dedicated Administrative Support to each team
  • Fast-Track Claims service in our call center or yours. CCU utilizes modern collaborative systems that allow desk adjusters to confidently scope and write losses up to policy limits
  • Quality Control via Re-inspections and/or File Auditing Services
  • Appraisals


How is the CCU Catastrophe Adjuster different? Adjuster’s handling claims on behalf of CCU feel appreciated, respected and are rewarded. They know they’re part of a team.

  • Adjusters are prequalified, adjudicated on an individual basis qualifying them for a CCU Team
  • CCU pays twice a month on files turned in and reviewed, no waiting to be paid! Adjusters remain motivated to work without the despair that accompanies the unknown payday
  • A background check is conducted on all personnel: adjusters, admin and management
  • A professional, dedicated email is set up for each adjuster with the CCU domain
  • Each adjuster completes “The Professional Adjuster is…” course designed in a discussion/example-based format to develop and reinforce skills necessary to provide exceptional service to the policyholder, the client, and to the team.

Timeliness, accuracy and service are the foundations for which CCU was originated and the basis for how each claim is handled. Every facet of operations is designed to develop and enhance team member skill sets. How is this achieved?

  • Implementation of our proprietary “Carrier Integration Period” or CIP
    • During CIP leadership and training teams work with the client’s staff to not just hear your file requirements, but to understand them
    • CCU works with you to develop Service Level Objectives that become the basis for each individual file review and audit. Did CCU meet your requirements? With Service Level Objective grading, the answer will be quite clear.
  • Train the Trainer: CCU works on the principal of duplicating success by working diligently to develop each adjuster to move up the ladder and not stagnate. By teaching teachers to train leaders, the future of claims management and handling is secure.
  • Deploying adjusters and management in teams. CCU’s expeditionary force complement model keeps adjusters and leadership together longer. The idea is that it takes time to develop unit cohesion, by deploying teams in consistent fashion, CCU is committed to enhancing the productivity and functionality of each team.
  • Accountability through conducting re-inspections
    • Quality control via re-inspections and team lead ride-a-longs enables each adjuster to identify quality actions and items that may need improvement.
  • Ensuring that no claim is abandoned prior to being closed. Field adjusters are unable to override the system and close claims. CCU management permission-centric CMS prevents claims from “falling through the cracks.” Each claim remains reportable until closing and automatically remains on the calendar for follow up throughout the progression of service.